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The alarm and notification service offered by TAS:


Alarm call as a service for your security  - if seconds matter.


ARUTEL PORTAL is designed to inform groups of persons of any number/sizes immediately and simultaneously.

Recipients are telephones, mobile phones, or other terminal equipment worldwide.

The system executes alarms or telephone conferences independently and automatically e.g. in case of emergency. Your own telecommunication switch is of no need. In fact ARUTEL PORTAL acts as an independent alarm call outside your infrastructure - as a service.


Your advantages:


  • Short time of reaction - a great number of calls are proceeded instantly
  • Cost-effective and transparent
  • High flexibility
  • Reliable 24/7
  • Fast as lightning
  • Initialization of alarm from anywhere
  • Automated acknowledgement by ARUTEL


The system sends a spoken alarm message e.g. to each telephone, whereas each use can be effected PIN-protected.


Options for initialization of an alarm or a telephone conference:


  1. By using speed dialling codes from every telephone (worldwide):
    ARUTEL automatically calls a previously defined alarm group, i.e. all group members are alerted who are stored in database. Depending on the stored parameters, alternative numbers (e.g. mobile phone numbers) are also used if the dialling attempts have not been successful. Sending and receiving of a message can be protected by PIN-code. 
  2. By using speed dialling codes from any telephone, worldwide:
    Record a message spontaneously and spread it to all group members. 
  3. WEB-browser (worldwide, if required), keyboard, mouse click.
    Any alarm can be initiated on your PC via Internet/Intranet (with additional LAN connection to the system). Alarms can also be generated ad-hoc per mouse-click after prompting the password and PIN-queries. 
  4. Potential-free contact:
    Connect your building services via DSL with our alarm system. The existing contacts are evaluated by ARUTEL. Then, the system spreads an alarm and switches additional contacts (outputs), if required. 
  5. Timer initialization:
    Regularly occurring events (e.g. trial alarms) will always be initiated by a programmed timer.
  6. Subsequent events:
    Depending on the results of the alarm further actions can be initiated automatically.


No investment – constant low running costs per month. Contact us!



Alarm notification system, emergency organisation, emergency management, error reporting system, crisis communication


In this area you can find drivers, firmware-updates and further information about this product of TAS.